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Completing the Circle

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I know these times are very uncertain in many ways, however, on the other hand, when were times ever certain?

We seem to wait until we are conked on the head with a shocking and surprising circumstance to wake us up. I mean, at least that is true for me.

What happens outside of us and around us, in some ways, we cannot control those things. And yet every single day, we are given the chance to change, to create something new or to connect with someone in our lives. But because of this fear of change, this story about change, we stand still, often observing as a bi stander of our own lives.

I made a decision, I took a vow in 2017 to LIVE LIFE NOW! Because I was facing LIFE AND DEATH. I never once really feared my death during that time of uncertainty, but, I did realize how much time, energy and fear I had in life. As a survivor of early childhood trauma, sexual assault as a young girl, addiction in the family and loss, I realized that I was powerless, or I believed I was. My voice was taken from me a long time ago. I believe the traumas, again and again, have been stuck in my body, ever since then. This is not an expression of blame to anyone, it is simply my truth, and by sharing it, my intention is to help someone else find their voice and HEAL.

Anxiety was my go to emotion. It was what really saved me in a way, crazy right? I have lived with grief and anxiety from an early age. I know we all go through trauma, stress and Anxiety, but Now I am able to embrace my younger self, my little girl, the little kid and walk this Healing journey with her, to safely Heal and COMPLETE THE CIRCLE. I am not a scientist, but there are many that have proven how the body mind is one. I can acknowledge the body memories now, and because of Breast Cancer, I woke up! The Blessing, the Gift wasn't obvious to begin with, but because of my loving family, friends and an extraordinary team of practitioners, coaches physicians and healers, I was able to really go deep within myself and Heal. I face the physical scars every day, the emotional scars too, but through it all, I have grown and removed the cage that was protecting my Heart. Your HEART is a GIFT, it was given to you at birth. Take care of it.

Change is one constant in life. Embrace it. Take the step towards opening your Heart, Healing your past and COMPLETING THE CIRCLE.

LIFE IS NOW!!! Let's enjoy every moment, even the hard ones, because NOW is all we have.

With Love & Gratitude,

Suzette Roth, HCTP, LMT, EFT Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

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