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Your Ultimate Guide for Healthy Living

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As we approach the Holiday Season, I am filled with Gratitude for Life!

After a long two year run with a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and healing, my appreciation for everything is deeper than ever before. My love for life flows into my every experience. Food tastes richer, love feels stronger colors are brighter, my tolerance for stress and what now seems like drama, has little room in my life. I see how, for so long, I waited for the right time and the right people to show up in life. I harbored fear and anxiety, which held me back so many times. What I have learned, is LIFE IS NOW!! As I discovered my own courage and strength through this process, I have also discovered my own will and love for life. You know, no one is getting out of here Alive, we can be Happy! Life is Now!!! Go out there today and tell that person "you love them", without any attachment to the outcome. (THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE) After all, LOVE is all there is! I am so Grateful for my second chance in LIFE. Wait for no one, wait for nothing and get free of the chains that bind you. I pulled in all the stops for Healing. I felt everything and confronted anything that pulled me away from this process to STAY STRONG, BE HAPPY and HEAL! Everybody's got something going on, you have the Power to get through it. Find your dragon, because LIFE IS NOW!

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