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10 Tips for Less Stress~

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

"Stress Out" for the new year,what I mean is exactly that. Let's consider getting the Stress out for the New Year, rather than holding it in and being Stressed out. Imagine that.

What if you could actually be empowered to have a peaceful, joyous New Year?

Self care is the key. I know we are surrounded by so many demands, but, if we don't care for ourselves, the only guaranteed outcome we have is to be STRESSED OUT!

A few simple steps at the start of your day will give you the space for everything else.


1. Before getting out of bed, take 10 minutes for gratitude. What are you grateful for?

2. Coffee, tea and me~ prepare your favorite morning drink.

3. Meditation for 15-30 minutes each day.

4. Yoga, walking, weight training or whatever exercise you choose to OPEN up and STRENGTHEN your body.

5.Reading any Spiritual material. This could be the Word, daily affirmations, Angel Cards, or whatever soothes your Soul. Finding your connection to life is easily discovered through our breathe.

6.EFT/Tapping~ Tapping is a very powerful HOLISTIC HEALING technique. It combines Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology. (for more information visit my website) I practice this personally, almost daily, not only to clear any Stress I may be feeling, but also to create a positive day.

7.Drink plenty of water throughout the day.The human. body is on average, 50-75% water. Dehydration is already occurring when we feel thirsty. Drinking water throughout the day, in 8 oz. increments, is what your body needs. Feel the difference.

8. Eliminate as many processed foods and sugars as you possibly can. There is no nutritional value in any of it.

9. Eat clean, by this I mean, eat healthy. You know your body. Fresh is best, Lean is mean. Nourish it. Nutrition is key. I personally also take a good supplement daily, specific to my personal needs.

10. Be consistent with your lifestyle practice. You do have the time, just schedule it for yourself.


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